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Secret Tips To Make The Foundation Stay On Longer

With Thanksgiving arriving on 25th November, you must be thinking about the makeup looks that you are going to create on your face canvas, but hey, who is going to think about the slip-and-slide? 

Honestly, every woman struggles with shifting foundation. It doesn’t matter if you are using the long-stay foundation, using the wrong application techniques will create chaos on your face. So, if you are ready to flaunt the best makeup look with a perfectly settled foundation, let’s check out the secrets to attain such results!

Use The Setting Spray 

Sure, we all spritz setting spray on the face when the makeup is done but does that do the trick? Nope!

The trick is to mix the foundation with your setting spray before you apply it to the face. This is a tried-and-technique, and the makeup artists literally swear by the results. So, pump out the foundation, spray some setting spray on it, mix, and apply!

Shave The Face 

If you are someone with facial hair, opting for dermaplaning is a long-term solution to achieve a smooth and hairless face. However, nobody got time for that when Thanksgivings is just around the corner. Well, as it turns out, you can spritz some rose water on your face and use a hair-wicking device to clear off the facial hair. Honestly, it will ensure that the foundation glides on perfectly!

Prime The Face

Every woman has bought the high-end primer to prime the face and create a porcelain canvas for applying makeup, but primers don’t always do the job, especially when you have to ensure the foundation doesn’t shift. Having that said, priming the face with setting sprays does wonders as it ensures a better foundation holder. In addition, it reduces the appearance of pores just like a primer while creating a healthier skin appearance. 

Use That Beauty Blender

Don’t we all just dab the foundation with fingers and glide away the brush? Well, it’s time to bid farewell to those techniques and opt for a beauty blender. That’s because a beauty blender ensures proper settling of the foundation. In fact, if you just soak the beauty blender in setting spray (just dampen it, babe), the results will be oh-so-amazing!

The Powder

If you are someone with oily skin who just can’t get the foundation to stay in place, the setting powder will do the trick to perfection. However, be mindful about how much powder you apply because too much will break the foundation and create cracks throughout the foundation. Even more, you can dab some powder on your face before applying the foundation, promising smooth foundation application! 

Always Moisturize 

We might be late in telling you this, but moisturized skin has a better capacity of holding the foundation as compared to dry and chapped skin. That being said, before you apply the setting spray and loose powder, add some moisturizer on the skin and create the baseline for the foundation. 

To summarize, if you are ready to flaunt an amazing foundation, follow these tips and you can even find the foundation and setting powder at discounted prices (Ola Julie Cosmetics is having the Black Friday sale on Friday, so get your shopping cart in order!).

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