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Top Makeup Colors To look forward in 2022

2022 is here and everyone is thinking about the new fashion trends. While everyone is thinking about the new boots and trendy summer dresses, the makeup enthusiasts are thinking about the makeup colors that will rule the makeup vanities this year. So, with this article, we are talking about all the makeup colors that you must try on your face and up your makeup game!


Blue is one color that can absorb everything with its wide spectrum of tones and shades. The best thing about blue is that it can be added to the vibrant and bold makeup looks as well as the cooler makeups for the beach day. Even more, blue is suitable for creating different eye makeup looks as it’s a perfect choice for mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshades to create the looks that everyone mesmerizes and talks about.

For instance, this Azure Blue Eye Palette is the best formulation with a variety of blue shades. Ranging from light blue to ferozi and royal blue to navy, there is a great range of blue in this eyeshadow palette. In fact, the shimmer shades are perfect for adding the bling!


For the longest time, we have been stuck with the nude and neutral colors and it seems like everyone has had enough of the boring colors. For this reason, marigold will become the color star in the makeup world and it’s ready to add a punch of color to your makeup looks with the yellow and orange hues. What we love about marigold is that it can be subtle as well as bold, so you have great room to play with the shades. 

In fact, if you are experimental enough, you can simply get a yellow eyeliner for your brunch date with girlfriends and flaunt the brightest eyes. Not to forget, it’s a perfect color for your summer makeup. To illustrate, this marigold palette is ideal for everyone who likes playing with the oranges, reds, and yellows. Topping it all, the colors are incredibly pigmented, so even the swatch adds sufficient colors! 


You must be living under the roof if you didn’t know about the holographic craze in the apparel world, and it seems like it’s making its way into the makeup world this year. This is because holographic color has the sophistication and subtle glamor that every woman wants in her makeup look. The ultimate thing about holographic colors are the undeniably pretty shades that suits every skin tone. In addition, holographic color is appropriate for summer makeup looks. 

Personally, we love the lavender hints in this color and how it adds a muting touch to the look. Having said that, it’s a must to have a holographic lip gloss in the makeup vanity this year because bling is the ultimate need in 2022. These lip glosses add a beautiful sheen to the lips and look perfect with the pink summer makeup!

So, which of these colors are you adding to the makeup vanity?

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