The Ultimate Way Of Applying The Matte Foundation

Every woman dreams of shine-free, smooth, and velvety skin, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s on top of the agenda. For this purpose, a matte foundation is everything you need to create the powder-soft finish. While it’s great for disguising the oily t-zone, a matte foundation provides a long-lasting application that locks in the flawless look. So, if you have already made up your mind to opt for a matte foundation, follow the tips mentioned below to get the most flattering finish!


Prepping & Priming 

It’s a common myth that women with oily skin cannot use a moisturizer, but proper skin preparation is essential for creating the best base for foundation. For this purpose, you need to apply moisturizer to your forehead, under-eyes, and cheeks. Once the moisturizer is seeped in, you can apply the primer. Also, if you are fond of dewy makeup look, you can opt for the hydrating and illuminating primer to veil your skin in nature luminous.

Concealing & Correcting 

Once the skin is prepped, apply the concealers and make sure to opt for luminous-based and reflective liquid concealers because they blend pretty seamlessly. The concealers and correctors are suitable for smoothening the dark circles and creating the crease-free canvas for the makeup – the absolute dream, right?

Applying The Foundation 

Now that you have created a flawless canvas for applying makeup, this is the time to apply the foundation. Apply the foundation in the form of dots all over the face and blend it with a sponge. Also, always smooth out the foundation from the center part of the face, and build up coverage on the t-zone and then blend in an outward direction until you achieve the even and flawless base


Once done with the foundation application, take up some powder and dab your forehead, chin, and chin, and don’t forget to put the powder in the bag for touchups. In fact, if you are worried about the foundation looking cakey with powder touchups, you don’t need to worry, as matte foundations can handle it pretty well. 

Sharpen The Formulas 

When it comes down to creating a seamless makeup look, you need to ensure that it’s in harmony with the bronzer and powder blush. This is because the powder blush will be all you need to create the nature-looking makeup finish. As far as the bronzer is concerned, there are various options with multi-tonal and tan-mimicking formulas. Lastly, if you want to add some glow, apply some highlighter on the cupid’s bow and cheekbones without making it too shiny. 

Completing The Looks 

When it comes down to the matte foundation, there are various ways of working it out. Having said that, for everyday foundation wear, you can pair it with pink blush and top up the eyelashes with brown mascara. On the other hand, if you want to create a glam look, get your hands on volume-based mascara and apply it (don’t forget a thin line of eyeliner to add depth to the eyes).

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