The Ultimate Way Of Applying The Matte Foundation

Every woman dreams of shine-free, smooth, and velvety skin, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s on top of the agenda. For this purpose, a matte foundation is everything you need to create the powder-soft finish. While it’s great for disguising the oily t-zone, a matte foundation provides a long-lasting application that locks in the flawless look. So, if you have already made up your mind to opt for a matte foundation, follow the tips mentioned below to get the most flattering finish!

Prepping & Priming 

It’s a common myth that women with oily skin cannot use a moisturizer, but proper skin preparation is essential for creating the best base for foundation. For this purpose, you need to apply moisturizer to your forehead, under-eyes, and cheeks. Once the moisturizer is seeped in, you can apply the primer. Also, if you are fond of dewy makeup look, you can opt for the hydrating and illuminating primer to veil your skin in nature luminous.

Concealing & Correcting 

Once the skin is prepped, apply the concealers and make sure to opt for luminous-based and reflective liquid concealers because they blend pretty seamlessly. The concealers and correctors are suitable for smoothening the dark circles and creating the crease-free canvas for the makeup – the absolute dream, right?

Applying The Foundation 

Now that you have created a flawless canvas for applying makeup, this is the time to apply the foundation. Apply the foundation in the form of dots all over the face and blend it with a sponge. Also, always smooth out the foundation from the center part of the face, and build up coverage on the t-zone and then blend in an outward direction until you achieve the even and flawless base

Once done with the foundation application, take up some powder and dab your forehead, chin, and chin, and don’t forget to put the powder in the bag for touchups. In fact, if you are worried about the foundation looking cakey with powder touchups, you don’t need to worry, as matte foundations can handle it pretty well. 

Sharpen The Formulas 

When it comes down to creating a seamless makeup look, you need to ensure that it’s in harmony with the bronzer and powder blush. This is because the powder blush will be all you need to create the nature-looking makeup finish. As far as the bronzer is concerned, there are various options with multi-tonal and tan-mimicking formulas. Lastly, if you want to add some glow, apply some highlighter on the cupid’s bow and cheekbones without making it too shiny. 

Completing The Looks 

When it comes down to the matte foundation, there are various ways of working it out. Having said that, for everyday foundation wear, you can pair it with pink blush and top up the eyelashes with brown mascara. On the other hand, if you want to create a glam look, get your hands on volume-based mascara and apply it (don’t forget a thin line of eyeliner to add depth to the eyes).

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Top Makeup Colors To look forward in 2022

2022 is here and everyone is thinking about the new fashion trends. While everyone is thinking about the new boots and trendy summer dresses, the makeup enthusiasts are thinking about the makeup colors that will rule the makeup vanities this year. So, with this article, we are talking about all the makeup colors that you must try on your face and up your makeup game!


Blue is one color that can absorb everything with its wide spectrum of tones and shades. The best thing about blue is that it can be added to the vibrant and bold makeup looks as well as the cooler makeups for the beach day. Even more, blue is suitable for creating different eye makeup looks as it’s a perfect choice for mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshades to create the looks that everyone mesmerizes and talks about.

For instance, this Azure Blue Eye Palette is the best formulation with a variety of blue shades. Ranging from light blue to ferozi and royal blue to navy, there is a great range of blue in this eyeshadow palette. In fact, the shimmer shades are perfect for adding the bling!


For the longest time, we have been stuck with the nude and neutral colors and it seems like everyone has had enough of the boring colors. For this reason, marigold will become the color star in the makeup world and it’s ready to add a punch of color to your makeup looks with the yellow and orange hues. What we love about marigold is that it can be subtle as well as bold, so you have great room to play with the shades. 

In fact, if you are experimental enough, you can simply get a yellow eyeliner for your brunch date with girlfriends and flaunt the brightest eyes. Not to forget, it’s a perfect color for your summer makeup. To illustrate, this marigold palette is ideal for everyone who likes playing with the oranges, reds, and yellows. Topping it all, the colors are incredibly pigmented, so even the swatch adds sufficient colors! 


You must be living under the roof if you didn’t know about the holographic craze in the apparel world, and it seems like it’s making its way into the makeup world this year. This is because holographic color has the sophistication and subtle glamor that every woman wants in her makeup look. The ultimate thing about holographic colors are the undeniably pretty shades that suits every skin tone. In addition, holographic color is appropriate for summer makeup looks. 

Personally, we love the lavender hints in this color and how it adds a muting touch to the look. Having said that, it’s a must to have a holographic lip gloss in the makeup vanity this year because bling is the ultimate need in 2022. These lip glosses add a beautiful sheen to the lips and look perfect with the pink summer makeup!

So, which of these colors are you adding to the makeup vanity?

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The Must-Have Makeup Products For Christmas Parties

Christmas is just around the corner and we are sure you’ve already got tons of party invites this holiday season. So, when you have all those party invites, you have got to get ready and look like a million bucks before heading out, right? 

But again, it’s hard to get a few must-have makeup products that you can flaunt at parties but we are here with our recommendations. This is because, with this article, we are sharing some must-have makeup products that you can wear and look like a diva for the next Christmas party!


When it comes down to makeup, it’s important to create a perfect face canvas and that’s when a full coverage foundation comes in. the foundation is essential to create a blank canvas for you to plan the makeup look. However, choosing the right foundation is essential to ensure it doesn’t fade if you hug someone out of excitement (what a bummer it would be!). Similarly, you must select a full coverage foundation that hides all the marks and blemishes because that’s what you need for a party and don’t forget to consider your skin tone before you go ahead with the purchase.

Liquid Highlighter 

The Christmas parties are all about bling and you have to show it off with the perfect highlighter that adds glow to your face. For this purpose, we suggest that you opt for a liquid highlighter that you can apply all over your face, dab it in, and cover it up with the foundation or base of your choice. The best thing about liquid highlighter is that it can be applied evenly and won’t budge even when you blend in the foundation, promising a sheer glow that everyone wants while getting ready for the year-end party. 

Liquid highlighter spray

Eyebrow Pencil 

When you have to go for a Christmas party, it’s important to look sorted and nothing works better than an eyebrow pencil (imagine having the perfect makeup but the brows are not sorted, how tacky will it look?) That being said, make sure that you have a perfect eyebrow pencil to tame and shape the eyebrows and add a finishing touch to your makeup look.

An Eyeshade Palette 

It’s not your weekly review meeting at the office that you can crash without some glamorous eyeshades. So, you need to have an eyeshade palette that’s perfect for every makeup look. For instance, this eyeshade palette has every color you would need to create your party looks, ranging from tone-down shades to vibrant colors. In addition, it has matte as well as shimmery eyeshades, so there is something for everyone.

Finish Powder 

Everyone tells you to invest in glamorous lipsticks and colored eyeliners but how are you going to fix your makeup? So, we suggest that before you work on your makeup vanity, add a finish powder to the collection to ensure you are able to fix makeup in place. In fact, it will ensure that your makeup doesn’t shift during the party!

Perfect Gifts For The Christmas Season

With everyone sipping on the hot coffee and preparing for the Christmas season, we are sure you have been thinking, “what should I gift to my loved one?” Honestly, everyone chooses body washes, bath bombs, clothing, and decoration pieces for gifting purposes, but hey, if you are choosing something for a woman, cosmetics can be the best gifts out there. So, if you are ready to choose the best gift this Christmas season, we are sharing some of the best options!


If you are finding a gift for someone who loves watching YouTube tutorials and trying out new eye makeup techniques, gifting an eyeshade palette is the perfect option. Truth be told, everyone opts for pink and nude eyeshade palettes, but this season, stick to the blues and whites. The eyeshade palette with blues and base colors will be all they need to create the snowy eye makeup with the availability of blue, silver, and white colors. We don’t mind saying that this is a perfect eyeshade palette for everyone who is into blues and like to make vibrant eye makeup looks.

Matte Lipstick

There is no better gift than a liquid matte lipstick for people who love makeup. So, it’s best to opt for the densely-pigmented liquid matte lipstick. Matte lipstick is actually a great gift option if the recipient likes playing with makeup. In fact, opting for red color is a perfect choice if they like bold makeup looks. You can either give it as the ultimate gift or add it to the holiday gift basket to add sprucing to the gifting purposes. But hey, don’t forget to opt for a vegan and cruelty-free option!

Creamy Lipgloss

As Christmas is just around the corner, every woman is looking for a perfect red lipstick that adds sprucing to their look and adds a pop of color. Having said that, a creamy lipgloss is something that you must gift to your loved one. This is because the creamy lipgloss can add sheer yet luminous shine to the lips while the creamy formulation keeps the lips moisturized. In fact, the creamy lipgloss with vitamins will help keep their lips moisturized. So, add a creamy lipgloss to the gift hamper and have them flaunt a red pout this Christmas season or at the New Year’s party. 

Makeup Brushes 

The makeup vanity is incomplete without makeup brushes. Honestly, the majority of women still blend the makeup with fingers – sure, it promises great blending but it can leave behind some streaks of unblended makeup. Having said that, if you are still looking for a gift for your loved one, giving them a makeup brush set is an ultimate choice. For instance, a makeup brush set includes the contour brush, eyeshade brushes, eyebrow-shaping brush, foundation brush, blush brush, and more to ensure their makeup looks are blended to perfection. Not to forget, choosing a makeup brush set with a case is better as it has a better presentation and looks good as a gift!

So, which makeup product are you getting for your loved one, then?


Must-Have Makeup Items For Christmas

The holiday season is here, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the best time of the year. However, it’s the busiest time of the year, and you end up becoming the social butterfly (isn’t your social calendar jam-packed?). Ranging from family parties to office gatherings, there are so many events to attend, and you obviously need to get ready, right? 

So, with this article, we are sharing the must-have makeup in your vanity to look at your best in all those parties!


To begin with, the holiday season is hard on the skin due to all that makeup, and chilly winds just add dryness to your skin. For this reason, it’s important to apply moisturizer to the skin to ensure it’s supple and soft for the makeup to be applied. Having said that, if your moisturizer bottle has ended, it’s time to purchase a new one!


Sure, you spent the year with the bare-minimum makeup, but it’s time to invest in a good foundation to create a perfect canvas for makeup. It’s suggested to opt for a full-coverage foundation as it works better for the parties. Also, make sure that your foundation matches the skin tone so you don’t end up looking like a ghost (unless you are dressing up as a ghost for Halloween). 

Moisturizing Lipstick 

Since it’s winter and you must be already struggling with chapped lips, having moisturizing lipstick is actually a great choice. A moisturizing lipstick will simply glide on your lips, and you will have the perfect pout while nourishing them with the moisturizing properties. So, this is another must-have cosmetic in your vanity this holiday season!

Finish Powder 

Sure, it’s winter, and you won’t be sweating but applying a finish powder does more than that. For instance, applying the finish powder will ensure that your foundation stays in place and doesn’t shift. In fact, it has the capacity to ensure your makeup stays on longer while creating a smooth canvas for the skin. So, get your hands on the finish powder and thank us later!


You really cannot neglect eye makeup on holiday season parties because, hey, you have got to look the best! For this reason, investing in a liquid eyeliner will actually help you attain a great eye makeup look and add a perfect finishing. An eyeliner with the precise tip will ensure that you can create the winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner, whatever suits your look!

Eyebrow Pencil 

Imagine creating the best makeup look for yourself, and your eyebrows are in chaos – won’t that be frustrating? Well, you can fix that issue by investing in the eyebrow pencil. With an eyebrow pencil, you can draw eyebrows of your choice and make sure they are even, so your makeup look appears well-put-together. But hey, use it carefully because you don’t want to end up with weird-looking eyebrows!


When the entire world is lit up for holidays, why don’t you add some glamour to your face with a highlighter? In case you don’t have a highlighter already, purchase one and add an amazing glow to your face!